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The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organisation feeding millions of underserved children in India. We are committed to eradicating two most critical issues - hunger and malnutrition in India - by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Programme in government and government-aided schools. Carrying out the world’s largest feeding programme, Akshaya Patra aims to not only fight hunger with nutritious meals but also bring children to school.

In Odisha – a state located in the eastern part of India – we have four kitchens reaching out to 1,58,095 children in 2,050 schools.

Our Kitchens in Odisha


With hygiene and cleanliness as our topmost priority, we operate through two kitchen models: Centralised and Decentralised. In Odisha, where we established ourselves in June 2006, we have both these kitchen models. 

Puri: Our first kitchen in the state was established at Puri in June 2006. This centralised kitchen currently feeds 43,555 children in 654 schools.

Nayagarh: Our decentralised kitchen at Nayagarh, inaugurated in March 2007, presently reaches out to 17,536 children in 319 schools.

Rourkela: We began our operations in Rourkela in November 2013, with a centralised kitchen that currently feeds 34,515 children in 348 schools.

Bhubaneswar: The newest addition to our reach in Odisha is our centralised kitchen at Bhubaneswar, which at the moment feeds 62,489 children in 729 schools.

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